The mission of ThisBigInfluence Awards (TBIA) is to celebrate and elevate the diverse talents, achievements, and stories that unite and inspire us. We are dedicated to recognizing exceptional individuals across various fields, championing underrepresented voices, and honoring the rich cultural heritage of Africa and its diaspora. Through our commitment to inclusivity, integrity, and excellence, we strive to foster a global community of interconnectedness, understanding, and shared appreciation for the brilliance that lies within us all. 

  1. Film Awards: The Excellence Film Awards

This award shines a light on the interconnectedness, community, and shared humanity, while celebrating outstanding achievements in filmmaking.

  1. Sports Awards: The Apex Sports Awards

This award highlights the peak of sportsmanship and unity that sports can bring to diverse communities and nations across the globe.

  1. Leadership Awards: (The ViBB-Achu).

The Visionary Bridge-Builders Awards focuses on the role of exceptional leaders in connecting and uniting people, fostering collaboration, and creating transformative change.

  1. Indigenous Games : The Akamantchouh Awards:

This award pays tribute to the rich cultural heritage of indigenous games, honoring the ancestral roots and joy that have been passed down through generations.

  1. Retired Sportsmen and Sportswomen: The Timeless Champions Awards.

 This recognizes the lasting impact and legacy of retired sportsmen and sportswomen who have inspired and influenced their respective sports.

  1. Retired Leaders: The Guiding Beacon Awards.

This award celebrates the enduring influence and guidance of retired leaders who have positively shaped the lives of many and left a lasting legacy.

  1. Underrepresented Fields: The Unveiled Brilliance Awards.

This award acknowledges the exceptional achievements and talents in underrepresented fields, unveiling their brilliance and bringing them into the limelight.

  1. African and Diaspora Achievements:

The Transcendent Heritage Awards honors the extraordinary accomplishments of Africans and the diaspora, emphasizing the transcendent nature of their cultural heritage and impact.

Unveiling the ThisBigInfluence (TBI) Awards: A Global Celebration of Diverse Achievements and Unity

Welcome to the ThisBigInfluence (TBI) Awards, a prestigious event that brings together the brightest talents, achievements, and inspiring stories from various fields to honor the diverse excellence that connects and uplifts us. Our awards program is dedicated to recognizing exceptional individuals, championing underrepresented voices, and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Africa and its diaspora.

The TBI Awards span an array of categories, including film, sports, leadership, indigenous games, retired sportsmen and sportswomen, retired leaders, underrepresented fields, and African and diaspora achievements. Each category is meticulously curated to ensure a wide representation of talent and accomplishments from around the world.

The Impact of ThisBigInfluence

The TBI Awards exemplify the power of influence and the importance of recognizing the achievements and contributions of individuals from diverse backgrounds. ThisBigInfluence, as the driving force behind the awards, is committed to fostering unity, understanding, and appreciation for the myriad talents and stories that enrich our world.

Empowering Underrepresented Voices

Inclusivity and representation are at the core of the TBI Awards program. We are committed to uplifting underrepresented voices and honoring those who have made significant contributions to their fields but may have gone unrecognized. By shining a light on these accomplishments, we aim to foster a greater appreciation for the diverse talents and narratives that make our world more vibrant and inspiring.

A Worldwide Festival of Excellence

The TBI Awards transcend borders, cultures, and languages, uniting us in a shared celebration of excellence and creativity. Our awards program is designed to appeal to a global audience, including the African diaspora, as we acknowledge and honor the myriad accomplishments that contribute to the rich tapestry of human achievement.

Anticipating the Inaugural TBI Awards Festival

We are excited to announce that the first-ever TBI Awards Festival is set to take place in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates on the festival, including the announcement of nominees, winners, and special events. The TBI Awards Festival will be an unforgettable experience, showcasing the remarkable individuals and accomplishments that define our interconnected world.

Join us in embracing the ThisBigInfluence (TBI) Awards and recognizing the outstanding individuals who contribute to the tapestry of human achievement. Together, let’s celebrate the power of unity, the strength of our interconnectedness, and the brilliance that lies within us all.

  • January: Call for submissions and launch of the public voting process
  • February: Submission deadline and film evaluation by the Film Industry Expert
  • Early March: Nominee selection and announcement
  • Mid-March: Re-evaluation of nominated films and final winner selection
  • Late March or Early April: Awards ceremony

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the annual filmmaking awards, along with detailed answers to provide clarity and guidance for filmmakers, nominees, and the public.

  1. How can I submit my film for consideration in the annual filmmaking awards?

Answer: To submit your film for consideration, please follow the submission guidelines provided by the awards committee. These guidelines typically include information about eligibility, submission formats, deadlines, and any associated fees. Ensure that your film meets all the eligibility criteria and that you submit all the required materials before the deadline.

  1. What are the evaluation criteria for the awards?

Answer: The evaluation criteria for the awards focus on various aspects of filmmaking, including storytelling, direction, acting, cinematography, editing, sound design, production design, visual effects (if applicable), and overall impact. These criteria are designed to assess the excellence, creativity, and innovation demonstrated by each film and its creators.

  1. How are films evaluated and scored?

Answer: Films are evaluated and scored by the Film Industry Expert, who assigns scores based on the level of excellence, creativity, and innovation demonstrated in each aspect of filmmaking. The scoring system incorporates both the expert judgment of the Film Industry Expert and input from the public through voting. Each evaluation criterion is assigned a specific weight to reflect its importance, and the expert score is combined with the public vote score to calculate the total score for each film.

  1. How are nominees and winners selected?

Answer: Nominees are selected based on their total scores, with the top films in each category being shortlisted as nominees. The Film Industry Expert then re-evaluates the nominated films and adjusts their scores based on a more in-depth analysis of the evaluation criteria. The public vote scores are also reassessed, and the new total scores are used to determine the winners in each category.

  1. What ethical and confidentiality guidelines are followed during the awards process?

Answer: The Film Industry Expert and the selection committee adhere to a set of ethical and confidentiality guidelines that uphold the integrity, credibility, and fairness of the awards. These guidelines include honesty and integrity, respect for diversity, confidentiality, transparency, fair competition, and humility and gratitude. They are informed by African cultural values and universal principles that respect both Christian and Muslim beliefs.

  1. When and where will the awards ceremony take place?

Answer: The awards ceremony will be held at a prestigious venue and date announced by the organizing committee. The ceremony aims to celebrate the achievements of the filmmakers and showcase the best in cinema. The winners will be announced and honored at the event, and the Film Industry Expert may be asked to present the awards or participate in the ceremony in some capacity.

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